Canada Graduate Scholarships for Uruguayans

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Announcement of scholarships for master’s and doctorate in Canada with the aim of building capacities in the field of extractive industries of Uruguay. The scholarships cover:

– a passage of return to the place where the graduate, will take place in economy class. Exceptionally, and in cases duly justified by the proposed academic, additional tickets may be financed.        

– registration costs, if any;

– costs of the stay at the place of study outside the country; and

– health insurance.

maximum period of doctoral scholarships shall be 36 months. In the case of master’s scholarships, the maximum period shall be 24 months.

you may submit proposals that contribute to the development, improvement, resolution and/or use in the country of issues related to the following areas related to the non-renewable natural resources (mining, oil and gas) industries: engineering, Sciences and environment; economy and business; right and social impact.

applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

a. be Uruguayan or foreigners residing in the country with proven links to the same. In the latter case be required residence in Uruguay of not less than 2 years (will be calculated as a period of residence the immediately prior to the date of application).

b. possess a university or an equivalent degree.

c. work in a public or private institution whose activity is related to the area in which the candidate will be trained.

d. Not be disabled by Board resolution, for breach of the ANII programs.

to access the call must:

a. present a plan of rehabilitation post qualification, endorsed by the institution in which they work.

b. clearly demonstrate your academic and/or professional experience to justify the implementation of the programme.

c. have entered, at the time of the delivery of your application, your CV in the CVUy system.

d. present beside the postulation to the ANII consistency of application for registration or the acceptance of such request in the institution where plans to make the graduate. At the time of the signing of the contract the beneficiary must provide proof accepted by the program.

e. presented a preliminary draft of work (in the case of doctorates) / training (in the case of master’s degree).

Areas in which finance is scholarships

mechanical engineering rocks

evaluation of mineral deposits and methods of prospecting

underground mining open pit mining extraction unit operations

geotechnical and hydraulic engineering (tailings dams mineral processing(, slope stability of dam slope stability of waste dumps (transient, definitive), influence of blasting (blasting) stability, basins and sediment management, management of sediments of drag)

mine closure

mining engineering

engineering, oil and gas, in any of its branches: reservoirs, drilling, production


taxation (taxation(, cannons, etc.) extractive industries

international trade and non-renewable commodities

macroeconomics and international economic policies of rich countries in non-renewable

energy economics, sustainability and natural resources

economy of the Regulation (particularly environmental; but also other)

regulation and infrastructure
production and development of the territory




natural resources geological prospecting minerals non-renewable (mining, oil, gas)

environmental management and social impact

sustainable exploitation of non-renewable natural resources (mining, oil, gas)

environmental management in mining

depletion of natural resources, affecting human health, flora and fauna, involvement of society, the economy, cultural and archaeological heritage, private property and the landscape.


mining law and its relationship with agricultural and commercial law

rights of water, granting and exploitation

property surface, mining and mining easements

regulation of non-renewable natural resources (mining, oil, gas)


microbiology related to mining


wastewater treatment

biotechnology applied to sustainable non-renewable natural resources (mining exploitation(, oil, gas)

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