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call 11th of genomics research postdoctoral fellowships

The Centre for Genomic regulation, sponsored by Novartis, gives a scholarship, from January 2013, to contribute to the momentum of the genomics in Spain.

scholarship will have a duration of two years and will have a total compensation of 30,000 euros gross per year.

requests (until September 1, 2012) will be evaluated by a selection Committee composed of Spanish scientists of prestige. The Committee may conduct interviews with a selection of candidates, taking into account that the incorporation of the fellow is scheduled from January 2013.

requirements of candidates Be in possession of the doctor having a research experience accredited on an institution recognized, Spanish or foreign sufficient knowledge of the English language be author or co-author of at least three articles in journals included in the Science Citation Index.

the grant will take place in the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), located in Barcelona. The Centre for Genomic regulation is an innovative basic research centre, created in December 2000 and officially opened in 2002. Legally, it is constituted as a non-profit foundation, and counts on the participation of the Generalitat de Catalunya, through the Department of Economics and knowledge (DECO) and of the Department of health (DS), of the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), the Ministry of economy, and some private foundations.

the highest organ of Government of the CRG is its Board of Trustees, chaired by the Minister of the DECO. On the other hand, the CRG has an external advisory scientific committee chaired by Iain Mattaj (director of the EMBL, Heidelberg), which evaluates and advises the research activity. The CRG is a pioneer in Spain, based on a model not touching the research organization, dedicated to promote basic research on fundamental aspects of the life sciences, attract and produce high-level scientists in all senses.

some of the main lines of research in the CRG are: gene regulation, epigenetics, development, cells mother, differentiation and cell reprogramming, cancer, genomic medical, neurodegenerative diseases, genomics bioinformatics, systems biology and synthetic biology.