Broom Foundation scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Since August 1999, the beginning of activities of Foundation broom until 2004 arrived in Jujuy more than thousand nominations. The decision to extend the programme to other provinces in 2005. That is how they became interested in the scholarship students of Tucumán, Salta, San Juan, Mendoza, Chubut, Río Negro, Formosa, Chaco, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, missions and currents.

are essential requirements to access the broom Foundation scholarships:

be resident Argentine.
Take the race away from the familiar (to more than 150 km) support
Provide proof of financial constraints.
Study and approve the total of the subjects assigned to each academic year according to the curriculum, and annually obtain a grade point average above 7 points.

broom scholarships have two recipients:

students attending the last year of high school, or secondary, with a strong vocation for the study, which suffer from financial constraints and are under 19 years of age.
Students who are studying 1 St or 2 nd year of a college degree, who are studying outside their province, see threatened the continuity of their studies by severe family financial difficulties and are under 22 years of age.

to the application shall submit to the authorities of broom:

A short essay written by hand on his personal life, basing its vocation to study, why chose this career and this University and explain the financial constraints family.
Already embedded in the University applicants must also write about their college experience: mode of study, travel expenses to the faculty, filed hours, leisure activities… (maximum 2 veneers).
Accreditation of financial constraints (last receipts of salary of the mother and the father).
Monthly estimate of the cost of the race (living expenses – pensioner student-, food, literature and travel expenses to the University).
Curriculum of the chosen race, detailing subjects year by year, by specifying what are annual and which quarterly.
Admission to the University System.
Photocopy of all secondary schooling bulletins.
For students already admitted to the University must send a drawn materials analytical certificate, legalized by the corresponding authorities.
Letter of presentation by any educational authority of the institution to which concur.
A letter with your personal data (full name, age, address, telephone and e-mail) specifying the chosen race, the center of studies and the name of the person or means by which known the existence of the Foundation scholarships.
Photocopy of national identity card
Proof of CUIL.
4 X 4 photo.

all the nominations received from August 1 until October 15 of each year. Once received the information requested will begin a period of evaluation and selection of applicants. Results will be reported to each of the applicants by mail around the 15 of December of each year.

pre-selected students must attend a personal interview as a last resort of the evaluation process; the place and date of the same will be agreed with the authorities of the Foundation.

scholarships giving broom will not be supported simultaneously with benefits conferred by other public or private institutions.

in the event that the fellow chose another scholarship, it is your responsibility renounce the granted by our institution.

the amount assigned to each fellow depend of the cost of the project for personal study and each University Center in particular.

the fellow shall submit a certified University with the qualifications obtained after each period of partial and final examinations.

must attend the meetings or any other means of control that attach broom meeting points to agree with the authorities of the Foundation. The same will be advertised in advance.

the Foundation contributes shipments, being the exclusive choice of fellows, their parents and/or their guardians, the choice of the means of land transport, provided that the cost of this is within the parameters of the Foundation.

monthly scholarship holder must send the results of tests for study, form of accountability for expenses, invoices and all kinds of information that is requested by broom.

scholar must in parallel to his studies, a task solidarity care of four hours per week in the community which is studying career. This community work will be supervised by Foundation broom.

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