Botín Foundation Arts grants

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Botín Foundation allocated 220,000 euros to fine arts scholarships for training, research and personal projects in the field of artistic creation (not theoretical works), for artists of any nationality.

La Fundación Botín may reserve a scholarship for artists resident in Cantabria, or natural provided that the application understands change of residence.

the time of enjoyment of this scholarship shall be 9 months. Scholarships outside the place of origin, can extend for another period, annual request within the period of the public announcement.

the endowment of the scholarship without change of residence is 16,000 euros, with transfer to another country, other than their current residence, of 24,000 euros. The above amounts include the concepts of travel, accommodation, maintenance, rental Studio, etc. These amounts will be increased with health insurance only if there is change of country of origin and, in the case of the training, enrollment in the chosen training center, upon acceptance of the same, shall be borne by the Fundación Botín.

to be eligible for one of these scholarships must be between 23 and 40 years for the training. No age limit concerning research. Aid will be enjoyed from its concession, by the agreed period and without interruption. Your home is imperative before the end of 2013. It will be deemed definitively awarded when the written acceptance of the applicant has had input in the


the help of the Botín Foundation must be cited in how much documentation is generated during the grant period. If grant the possibility of any publication, the Fundación Botín will have preferential right to perform it. In case of renounce it, the publication shall contain as a fellow of the Botín Foundation.

La Botín Foundation may, for the enjoyment of the grant, directly or by delegation, to assess the use and development of the proposed project.

the fellow undertakes to send to the Fundación Botín, in the month following the completion of his fellowship, a memory that, according to the objectives identified in the request, perform a final assessment of results and use of the same, accompanied by the graphical documentation of the work done. Upon receipt it will be ended the scholarship, paying 5% pending payment.

the calendar of exhibitions of the Botín Foundation opens presenting premiere work performed by the artists during the period of grant, which must provide the information, documentation and loan’s work that prompted them, taking care to not display individually in Cantabria before this appointment.

the deadline for receipt of requests ends at 14: 00 of Friday 26 of April 2013 at the Fundación Botín. Applications received at the Fundación Botín in the week after the closure of the call will be accepted and whose postmark corresponds to April 26, 2013 or earlier. The decision will be announced July 15, 2013.

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