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Booty scholarships for university studies

The Botín Foundation promotes the integral development of society locating talent capable of generating progress and betting on it. To achieve this, it acts in the fields of science, art and culture, rural development, social action and education, innovating and exploring new ways of creating social and economic wealth.

these scholarships for university studies are directed to Cantabrian youngsters who start their studies in the year 2013 / 2014 and those who are already doing them. You can access these students who wish to carry out or perform University studies at the University of Cantabria or in other national universities, provided that such studies do not exist in the region. The scholarships are intended to reward the best records and have a duration of 9 months and can be renewed annually until the beneficiary complete studies for which has been granted the scholarship and proving compliance with the criteria set out in this call.

call for proposals closes on July 31, 2013. The award will be announced in September.

to access these scholarships must be meet the requirements to begin University studies on July 31, 2013 or be a student of a university degree. Be natural and resident of Cantabria, or live at least five years immediately preceding the application for the scholarship. Not being in possession of the title of Bachelor or degree. Be no more than 25 years. Not enjoy another scholarship or simultaneous support for the same concept. Prove an excellent academic record.

students beginning University studies: the definitive qualification of selectivity will be a minimum of 8.

students enrolled in university studies: the media of the year 2012 / 2013 shall be 8 in careers for Humanities and social sciences and law, experimental sciences and health 7.5 to 6.5 in technical schools. The scale of equivalences in case not be numerical note in the record is: honours, 10; Outstanding, 9; Remarkably, 7.5; Well, 6.5; Approved or validations, 5.5; Suspense, not presented or annulment of call, 2.5.

these scholarships have a substance of 235,000 euros. For studies conducted at the University of Cantabria, settle the following allocations:

• with residence in Santander 1,600 euros.

• province up to 50 km1.800 euros.

• km3.500 more than 50 euros.

for studies in other Spanish universities, where they do not exist at the University of Cantabria, the Endowment is 6,000 euros.