Beer, health and nutrition grants

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Information beer and health centre Manuel de Oya announces the 14th edition of scholarships to foster research on moderate consumption of beer and its relationship with the various aspects of human health, which have not been performed or broadcast previously in Spain.

in this way, may request the scholarship students last year of Bachelor’s degree or grade of any college degree of science or a postgraduate course, insofar as it is of higher schools of Spanish universities. In addition, graduates and graduates of any student requests will be accepted. In any case, the date of birth of the applicants must be subsequent to January 1, 1983. Applicants must have a project manager that belongs to a university or research center Spanish.

the deadline for submission of applications ends on November 11, 2013.

the endowment of the scholarship amounts to 18,000 euros each, regardless of the length of the research work. Of the total of this aid, 15,000 euros will be for the fellow and the remaining 3,000 will go to Department of the University or research centre to which avails the fellow, in concept of subsidy for the purchase of material for research.

the first amount (15,000 euros) will be paid during the time of preparation of labour by monthly income on an account opened in the effect on behalf of the fellow, up to an amount of 75% of the total number of scholarship. The remaining 25% shall be paid in a single payment after delivery of a copy of the research with the approval in writing of the director of the project to beer and health information center.

the second amount (3,000 euros) will be directly and in a single payment to the Department of the University or research center in which the intern do work.

delivery of research will be one year since the beginning of the same.

a time elapsed this term, fellows must submit the final content of their work, with the approval of the director of the project by writing to the beer and health information center.

the official date of completion of the work is may extend a maximum period of six months, prior authorisation of the beer and health information center, although the endowment of scholarships is not extended in any of the cases.

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