Bags of travel University of Alcalá

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

It is to make a public call for travel bags for graders or not renewed equivalent studies (Bachelor degrees, engineering, diploma, etc.) registered in the present academic year at the University of Alcalá, and to participate in international mobility actions during the year 2013.

grants are intended to finance travel and/or registration and subsistence expenses to present papers, communications, posters or other contributions in conferences, symposia, seminars, international and academic held in foreign universities during the year 2013. For mere attendance at courses, seminars or other activities and requests for academic internships are excluded from this call. All recipients will have to do some kind of teaching or research activity or present the results of previous work.

the travel bag maximum staffing will be 300 euros per applicant and them 1,000 euros will be allocated, maximum. In the event that the activity to be shared by several students, a travel bag, which can be enjoyed by any of the signatories or by two or more dividing the total amount of the aid shall only be granted.

not more than one bag per person per year shall be granted, and they will have preference applicants who have not received aid from any of the Vice Rectorate of international relations during

to through this call for proposals will fund requests that are considered

interest until it runs out the budget allocated for this purpose.

the Vicerectorate of international relations be paid the amount of aid after the stay and when present a memory of the activity carried out in accordance with the attached model, accompanied by:

– displacement-ticket or boarding pass along with the travel agency invoice or proof of purchase on the Internet.

– Certificate of assistance of the institution visited which becomes recorded the dates of the stay.

applicants must submit:

to) application form duly completed in accordance with the attached model, with the signing of the titration or centre and accompanied by a photo of international programs Coordinator.

b) record academic (that of the studies pursued in the UAH can be obtained from my Portal).

c) photocopy of the DNI / NIE / passport.

d) Curriculum Vitae according to the European model attached to this call.

e) documents showing knowledge of languages.

f) letter of motivation.

g) supporting documents of any other credit related to the purpose of this call for proposals.

h) official proof of the Congress, Symposium, seminar, etc. showing the name of the applicant as a speaker or document attesting to the active participation of the applicant in the activity.

the term of admission of applications ends on November 30, 2013, although mobility can be made until December 31 of this year.

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