Background of black communities in Colombia

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The Special Fund of educational credits of black communities, is a mechanism through which facilitates access, retention, and graduation of students from the black communities to the inclusive higher education system, in order to guarantee them the right to have equal opportunities in relation to the rest of the Colombian society. (Comunidades Negras expression includes the Afro-Colombian populations, traditional and Palenqueras).

these forgivable loans may access students in black communities that are registered, supported or ahead of study at an institution of higher education that are registered with the SNIES (national system of information of higher education (SNIES), is an information system that has been created to respond to the information needs of higher education in Colombia; This system as a source of information, in relation to the institutions and academic programs approved by the Ministry of national education, consolidates and delivers data.) for the second half of 2015 within the country.

the forgivable loan grants for formal, face-to-face education or distance within the country on the following levels:

undergraduate: technical, technological and University in Colombia.
: Specialization, master’s, doctorate and Post doctorate in Colombia.

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