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    Bachelor of Science, Engineering and Medicine Scholarships

    The Bayer scholarship program that drives discoveries in areas such as science and engineering students who want to carry out a research project in Germany.

    Areas of Bayer Scholarships:

    Areas of interest for Bayer scholarships are as follows:

    • Life sciences.
    • Agroscience.
    • Biology.
    • Chemical.
    • Medicine.
    • Pharmacy.

    Bayer scholarship programs are divided as follows:

    • Otto Bayer Scholarship Program: Life Sciences.
    • Carl Duisberg Scholarship: focused on medicine.
    • Jeff Schell Scholarship: agroscience.
    • Also, there is the Kurt Hansen Scholarship: science teachers.
    • Finally, the Hermann Strenger Scholarship for apprentices.


    These are the requirements to apply for

    Some requirements to apply for the scholarship are: be a student or have graduated a maximum of two years ago.

    They may be international students who want to study in Germany.

    The proposed project should also be carried out between September 2019 and August 2020.

    The research to be supported must be innovative and international.

    This project can be carried out with short stays, some courses, study projects and also postgraduate studies. The only thing that is not allowed are the postdoctoral projects.

    The following will also be requested:

    • A description of the project, lasting two to twelve months, with a financial plan within the period from September 2019 to August 2020.
    • The project may consist of special courses of study, laboratory assignments, research projects, summer classes, internships, master's or doctoral programs.
    • Latest transcripts.
    • Any additional documents that improve the request.
    • Photo (passport or work photo).
    • Plus, resume.
    • And letter of acceptance from the university where the project will be carried out.

    In the case of the Hermann Strenger Scholarship, only a few of the above documents will be requested. They will be letter of admission, photograph, qualifications obtained and the description of the project with financial plan.