Antarctica research grants

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Three major international Antarctic organizations have announced opportunities for researchers who started his career.

the Committee scientific Antarctic Research (SCAR), the Council of managers of national Antarctic Programs (COMNAP) and the Commission for the conservation of Antarctic marine living resources (CCAMLR) are working together to attract the talents of researchers that started his career, scientists, engineers and other professionals to strengthen the capacity and international cooperation in fields such as weatherbiodiversity, conservation, the humanities, and astrophysics research.

the SCAR and COMNAP have again joined forces to provide scholarships to researchers starting. SCAR and COMNAP grants deliver up to $ 15,000 each for this year are offered up to six scholarships in total. Fellowships allow researchers to join a research team of another country, opening up new opportunities and, often, creating research partnerships that last many years and many seasons of Antarctic research. The deadline for applications for these grants expires on June 3, 2015.

Furthermore, CCAMLR scholarship offers financing of up to AUD 30,000 to help young scientists to participate in the Scientific Committee of CCAMLR and its work for a period of two years. This scholarship program was established in 2010 and this year 2015 will be a maximum of three awards. The objective of the programme is to strengthen capacity within the scientific community of the CCAMLR to help build and maintain scientific expertise to support its work in the long run. The deadline for nominations of this variant expires on 1 October 2015.

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