Aid to emerging art

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The objective of this programme is the promotion and dissemination of emerging artists, promoting their access to professional art channels. It is intended to show the projects and the most innovative proposals in the field of the Visual Arts that these creators are working through an aid for the production of a new project that, in this call for 2013, theme: La Ventana Indiscreta (A. Hitchcock, 1954).

program consists of aid for the production of the project, traveling exhibition by the three provinces of the region of Valencia and publication of a catalogue.

may choose to call individuals, older, either individual or grouped collective title, born or resident in the region of Valencia with a proven experience in the field of the plastic arts of at least three years.

will be awarded three scholarships of 5,000 euros to each of the productions. The costs of the Organization of the exhibition and its tour by the three provinces of the region of Valencia for a maximum period of two years, as well as the edition of the catalogue and dissemination shall be borne by the CMCV.

there that present the following documentation:

– application form

– Curriculum Vitae including documentation graphic of the two last works

– photocopy ID card or proof of residence in the region of Valencia (certificate of registration)

– statement charge that the work is unpublished

– explanatory memorandum of the project

the deadline for submission of projects ends on 4 September.

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