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Aid Foundation Carlos Salvador and Beatriz postobligatorios studies

The Fundación Canaria Carlos Salvador and Beatriz sets grants for resident students in the Canary Islands registered during the academic year 2012-2013 in a public Center for postobligatorios studies.

such aid will be aimed at students who have financial difficulties to continue their studies and have a good academic background.

the amount to grant will depend on the individual circumstances of applicants for aid and the economic possibilities of the Foundation. You will try to, at least, cover the costs of books and academic of principle of course material.

the Foundation requested the collaboration of the management teams of the centres and the school councils to prior report of faculty tutor, Department of guidance, etc., propose to students likely to receive this assistance.

the aid applicants must fill in a request addressed to the Foundation which, among other data, expressed the reasons for asking for the help. This request shall include certification of the Center as that has been proposed / for the help by the School Board of the same.

to the request outlined in the previous point, a certification of the year 2011-2012 notes must be attached.

the deadline for applications for this course ends October 31, 2012.

La Fundación Canaria Carlos Salvador and Beatriz communicate to stakeholders and the management teams of the aid centres and its amount and, where appropriate, the reasons for its refusal.

La Fundación Canaria Carlos Salvador and Beatriz will enter into the account indicated in the application form, which must be holder of the applicant, the amount granted.