Agricultural insurance scholarship for graduates College

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

This order is to establish the regulatory bases, as well as the call for the year 2013, in regime of competitive, in accordance with the principles of publicity, transparency, equality and non-discrimination for a grant for practical training and technical and vocational training in the field of the agricultural insurance, for graduates College.

the purpose of the grant is to promote training and vocational development in the field of safe agricultural. The scholarship will be developed within a program that may include:

to) analysis the technical bases and actuarial calculations of the components of the approved in the plans of the agricultural insurance or premiums of the various risks that the agricultural insurance cover today or needed to fill new risks of the agricultural insurance.

b) technical support in monitoring and planning of combined agricultural insurance.

c) elaboration of general or specific field studies related to agricultural insurance.

the programme of practical training and technical and vocational training involves the acquisition of knowledge on safe agricultural activities in the areas specified in paragraph 1.

be appointed the fellow a tutor’s training which will be responsible for the orientation of the corresponding training.

at the end of the program of education and vocational training, the State entity of agricultural insurance, provide to the person concerned, following a report from the guardian of training mentioned in the preceding paragraph, an accreditation certificate of practical training acquired, for the purpose of its ‘curriculum vitae’.

Award and scholarship, given their formative nature and enjoyment of specialization, does not imply employment or civil service relationship between the trainee and the State entity of agricultural insurance and will imply the acceptance of provisions in these rules by him. The amount that is paid to the intern in any case will be considered salary or remuneration, but financial assistance for training.

also, participation in the program does not imply merit whatsoever for access to the civil service or for the acquisition of a working relationship with public administration.

the time of participation in training programmes will not have consideration of previous services nor for effective services in public administrations, although the activities included in these programs are developed in administrations, entities or public bodies, or be funded by them.

you can be the beneficiary of the grant provided for in the present order physical person with full capacity to act that fulfils the following conditions:

to) be Spanish or citizen of any Member State of the European Union or third countries resident in Spain, which has finished studies refers to which subparagraph (c)) subsequent to the month of may of the year 2009.

b) mastery of the Spanish language. They will only require documentary evidence in cases in which in the case of non-Spanish candidates and which carry residing in Spain for a period of less than two years.

c) be in possession or in conditions of obtaining the title of graduate, diploma, Bachelor degree, engineer, technical or higher, doctor, or equivalent qualifications in matters related to the scholarship that is convened at the time of the grant. The qualifications obtained abroad or in Spanish non-State centres must be approved or recognized and full legal effect at the date of filing of the application.

d) specific knowledge related to insurance and agricultural insurance.

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