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    African Leadership in Business MBA Scholarships

    ALB offers scholarships to qualified residents of Africa who wish to obtain an MBA through one of the partner universities. Scholarship comes with great responsibility, and as such, ALB scholarships are offered as part of the ALB Fellowship Program. The ALB fellowship is for citizens who are expected to serve as representatives of their country, the African continent, and the ALB Foundation throughout their program and ongoing professional career.

    To ensure that the ALB goals are being pursued throughout the MBA program, all ALB Fellows complete the ALB Fellowship Project, which involves the group development of an entrepreneurial business plan to be implemented in the Fellow’s home country.  Additionally, all ALB Fellows are expected to commit to returning to their home country following graduation, and remaining there to work for a minimum of two years.

    Target students:

    The scholarship are open for all African citizens.

    If you want to apply for this scholarship, you should take into account:

    Candidates should take the following steps in order to apply:

    1. Register as an ALB candidate via the ALB Online Registration.
    2. Prepare for and take the GMAT exam. You should allow at least 6 – 8 weeks of daily study to properly prepare for the GMAT exam. More information about the GMAT exam can be found here.
    3. Apply for and gain admission to an MBA program through one of our university partners.
    4. Complete the ALB Fellowship application. Please note that the application will not be available until  you have registered as an ALB candidate.

    It is important to read the how to apply page and visit the official website.

    These are the requirements to apply for

    To qualify for the ALB Fellowship Program, applicants should demonstrate the following through their application:

    •  A commitment to returning to their country after program completion

    •  Strong professional background, including 3 or more years of work experience

    •  Strong academic background, including completion of a Bachelor degree or equivalent

    •  High competency in written and spoken English

    •  Acceptance to an MBA program

    •  Completion of the GMAT exam

    •  All other requirements for admission to the partner school program

    Eligibility for scholarships is merit and need based.