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Aberdeen University offers 50 scholarships

The University of Aberdeen is proud of its high number of graduate programs and innovative programs and ensure that studying at its school of business are making a real investment in your future. Acting on its commitment to excellence, the University of Aberdeen is significantly increasing the range of scholarships offered to students to help them with the cost of learning.

scholarship program is open to all international students. Within a competitive base, Aberdeen University invites high performing students to apply for scholarships that will not need to be returned after graduation.

offer 50 scholarships for graduate students and masters to improve learning and earning potential. Business grants are valued at £2,000 each and offer to international graduate students a full-time entry in the 2015-2016 courses over a period of 12 months in the following programs:

10 scholarships for MSc Applied Economics 10 scholarships for MSc Finance and Real Estate 10 scholarships for MSc Management Consultancy 10 scholarships for MSc Marketing Management 10 scholarships for MSc International Business Management Candidates should be classified as international students for the purpose of tuition fees and must have the equivalent of a second-grader. The University will select candidates on the basis of specific criteria and will grant scholarships to students who demonstrate excellence in at least two of the following areas:

ratings academic English language proficiency Understanding of the course and the motivation to study at Aberdeen Extra-curricular or work experience