75 Aid research prevention, health, environmental and insurance

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Fundación Mapfre Announces 75 research grants in order to facilitate financial support for research projects in the following areas: health (45 AIDS), prevention and environment (20 aid), and insurance (10 AIDS).

areas and topics on which must be research projects are as follows:


orthopedic surgery, Traumatology and rehabilitation
Damage to brain and spinal cord (excluding neurodegenerative)
Assessment of bodily harm
Health management: quality and clinical safety
Health promotion: diet and physical exercise


personal risk (domestic, sports, labor)
Prevention against fire!
Natural hazards

Medium room

conservation of natural resources
Prevention of environmental pollution
Environmental education
Insurance law
Accounting and financial analysis of the insurance companies
Actuarial technical analysis
Management of risks
Management and organization of insurance companies

the research grants are aimed at researchers or teams research, academia and the professional wishing to develop research programmes in the areas mentioned, of independently or within the framework of universities, hospitals, companies or research centres to which are attached.

the prize money will amount to a global maximum of 15,000 euros. The amount of the aid will be distributed during the conduct of the research follows: 20% upon signing of the Protocol of acceptance of aid, 60% distributed in two payments to be performed at the met, the fourth and the eighth month after the signature of the said Protocol, respectively, and the remaining 20% to the delivery of the final report and articleall subject to the tax legislation current Spanish.

the term of registration and receipt of the documentation to apply for these grants ends on October 11, 2012 (inclusive).

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