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Draper Hills Democracy and Development Scholarships at Stanford

The Center for Democracy, Development and Justice Rule at Stanford University in the United States invites you to apply for the Draper Hills Summer Course Program.

Stanford University is very prestigious and ranks second in the world, according to the QS Ranking.

About the Draper Hills Summer Program

This program was launched in 2005 and its full name is Draper Hills Summer Scholarship Program in Democracy and Development (DHSFDD). It is a three-week academic training, to be held at Stanford University. Specifically, at the Center for Democracy, Development and Justice Rule.

This summer course brings together about twenty-five (25) and thirty (30) legal professionals, politicians, members of government. As well as private companies, civil society and international development members of countries in transition. And it takes place in the United States.

Training is a meeting space for them to connect various emerging leaders, exchange experiences. And also receive academic training to enrich your knowledge and advance your work.

Scholars participate in academic seminars that expose them to the theory and practice of democracy, development and the rule of law. These seminars are taught by leading members of the Stanford School of Law, the School of Business Graduates, and the departments of political and economic science.

The themes of the seminars allow emerging leaders to explore new institutional models and frameworks, to increase their skills to promote democratic change in their home countries.

During the Program there will be speakers from private foundations invited, government and members of the justice system. This will provide professionals with various views on the topics presented.

Summer Program fellows will also visit technology firms such as Google, Twitter and Benetech in Sillicon Valley.

The current Summer Program will be held between July 12 and July 31, 2020.

Scholarship benefits

The scholarship is not total.

Stanford asks fellows to be prepared to contribute to the cost of their program participation, if selected. In general, this is that the intern will have to bear the round trip cost of your plane. During the Program, Stanford will pay:

  • Accommodation.
  • Meals.
  • As well as internal transportation costs.

Only one exception will be made about the cost of the trip: it will be for those fellows who under no circumstances can afford their trip or need a partial subsidy.

These are the requirements to apply for

The Program receives many applications and is very selective. The basic requirements for applying are:

  • People actively working in the fields of democracy, development and law. They must be professionals in the middle stage of their careers.
  • Work as policy developers, academics, legal professionals, social entrepreneurs, business entrepreneurs and leaders of civil society organizations. The latter can be: trade unions, non-governmental organizations, media, professional or business associations.
  • They can be from anywhere in the world.
  • At the time of nomination, candidates must play an important and influential role in their countries' policies, in economic and social development.
  • They must also demonstrate professional and personal achievement.

Twenty-five (25) will be recruited to thirty (30) people who are at the right time in their career path. The aim is that they can be rigorously trained to promote democratic change in their home countries.

Selected applicants will have academic credentials needed to participate and contribute to six (6)-hour daily seminars, as well as process advanced academic readings to supplement the class.

On the other hand, 99% of students have a degree at the time of participation in the program. Although it is not a requirement to enter it.

A very important requirement is knowledge of English. The trainee is expected to have a solid management of the language orally and in writing, in order to benefit as much as possible from the program.