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    Fundación Universia
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Universia Foundation Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

The Universia Foundation Scholarship program for University Students with Disabilities, opens its call with an investment of 231,000 Euros.

In this edition, the program seeks to promote the access, progress and international university mobility of Spanish students or residents in Spain, with disabilities.

Among the sponsors are: Banco Santander, Indra, Repsol, Havas Media, KPMG, Nestlé Spain, among others.

About the scholarships.

They have three application modalities:

  • Access: for students enrolling for the first time in a university.

  • Progress: for those who have already entered a university.

  • International Mobility: for those who wish to undertake a period of training abroad.

Categories of:

  • ADOP plan, for those sports students who are part of the ADOP plan.
  • And also LaLiga Genuine, for Club/SAD participants with intellectual disabilities.

Requests will be made online.

Scholarship benefits

The Universia Foundation will award scholarships until the total budget of 231,000 euros is exhausted. Withholdings established by current legislation shall be made.

These are the requirements to apply for

You may apply for these scholarships:

  • Spanish or foreign students residing in Spain.

  • Who are enrolled or want to enroll in a university. Or enroll in the Youth with Intellectual Disabilities program.

  • In undergraduate or master's degree courses.

  • As well as legally proving a 33% disability.

Applications will be made online through the website specially arranged for this call and by completing the application form, together with the following documents:

  • Personal project: explaining the choice of studies, the professional-work plan in the future. Projects presented in video, image or audio will be evaluated.

  • Budget: specifying the support products and the material to be purchased.

  • Copy of the Official Certificate of Disability, issued by IMSERSO or equivalent body of the Autonomous Community.

  • As well as a copy of the college tuition slip.

  • You will also be asked for a copy of the academic certification.

  • Vitae Curriculum.

  • Last Statement of the IRPF, own or of the household.

  • A photocopy of the ID is also available.