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  • The deadline for submitting applications has expired.


  • Contact Name

    Centro Cultural Tijuana
  • Phone

    (664) 687-9600
  • Address

    Centro Cultural Tijuana. Paseo de los Héroes Núm. 9350. Río Tijuana, Baja California

Raúl Rincón Meza Award for Poetry Writers

Mexico's Centro Cultural de Tijuana, CECUT, calls for the call for poets U 40 for the national young poetry competition Premio Raúl Rincón Meza,in honor of the Mexican poet and translator.

Its goal is to recognize young talents in poetry to support them and push the growth of art in this region.

Who can participate in the Raúl Rincón Meza Award

These are the requirements to be part of the poetry contest:

  • National writers of Mexico.
  • They live in this country, but those who live abroad will also be able to participate.
  • Not more than forty (40) years old

However, the participation of those who are members of the institutions supporting the prize will not be allowed.

Conditions of work

The genre will be poetry. Original books will be received, in Spanish. They must be at least sixty (60) pages and no more than one hundred (100). Your theme as much as the format will be free of choice.

The file will be written with Arial font, size 12. A 1.5 leading with two (2) centimeters of margin shall also be used. It is also asked to be numbered, crimeed and letter-sized printed on a single side.

Winner's pick

A jury of prestigious specialists will review the works and give their verdict. This decision cannot be appealed.

Raúl Rincón Meza Award

If the winner is living in Mexico, support will be provided to participate in the award ingestere of their prize. It will be during National Book Day in Tijuana on November 12. Food, transportation and accommodation costs will be covered.

Scholarship benefits

The prize for this poetry contest consists of MXN $150,000 for the winner. You will also be given a diploma. And he will access the publication of his book, in the CECUT Editorial Collection 2020.

These are the requirements to apply for

Three copies of the work, signed under a pseudonym, will be printed. There should be no allusion to the true identity of the author.

The following documents shall be included there in addition to the work in question:

  • Full name information.
  • Where do you live.
  • Phone.
  • mail.
  • Birth certificate, your photocopy.
  • Affidavit to confirm authorship and originality.
  • Finally, small curriculum.