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    Volkswagen Foundation
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    VolkswagenStiftung Kastanienallee 35 30519 Hannover

Volkswagen Foundation Research Grants

The 'Freigeist' scholarship from the Volkswagen Foundationinvites young researchers to:

  • Open new horizons that allow them to.

  • Combine critical analysis and imagination.

  • To do this, create innovative solutions.

This call is open to all disciplines and topics, but focuses mainly on outstanding researchers with visionary proposals.

The Foundation offers ten (10) to fifteen (15) scholarships per year, depending on the number of applications.

Scholarship benefits

It is divided into two (2) possible periods:

  • An initial funding period of five (5) or six (6) years:

    • Focused on the development of research.

  • A second optional period, financing up to three (3) or two (2) years, respectively:

    • It can be applied for during the fourth year of funding and depends on the results obtained.

These are the requirements to apply for

You must have obtained a doctorate, no more than four (4) years before the call but at least one (1) previous year.

  • The scholarship must be developed at a university or research center in Germany.

  • Candidates must be in Germany once the scholarship begins.

  • They must have completed a research stay abroad.