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    Premio Alemán de Periodismo Walter Reuter
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Walter Reuter German Journalism Award

Take part in this Walter Reuter German Journalism Award (PAPWR) competition and win a trip to Germany for a week. Cash is also available.

The contitering institutions are the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Mexico, Goethe-Institut Mexiko, Mexican-German Chamber of Trade and Industry, Deutsche Welle.

Bases to participate in the German Journalism Prize:

The call is open for different media, genres and journalism formats. Print media, internet, radio and television works, including photographs and cartoons, will be accepted.

Likewise, it is possible to participate with a maximum of three (3) jobs in different categories. But you can only win one (1) prize with one of them. In the case of a series of articles or programmes, it should be mentioned.

Participation criteria

This competition is aimed at Mexican journalists and Latin American journalists residing in the country, who publish in Mexican or foreign media, in the Spanish language.

There are no other criteria mentioned.

Scholarship benefits

The winners of the Goethe-Institut Mexico offers a full scholarship for a ten (10) week German language course. The scholarship is offered on the institute's facilities in Mexico City and is non-transferable.

But there is also a cash prize:

First place: MXN $20,000. Second place: MXN $10,000 and a photo of Walter Reuter.

For third place, a photograph of Walter Reuter will be delivered.

These are the requirements to apply for

Only journalistic works published between 01 October 2018 and 30 September 2019 will be accepted. They may have been published in national or foreign media, as long as they are in Spanish. And besides, have disclosure in Mexico.

In addition, it is suggested to include a proof of publication with date and name of the readable media.


In this edition, the work is expected to be focused on the topic: Mexico, Central America and the United States in the face of the migration challenge.