40 scholarships for master in the Center U-tad

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The University Center of technology and Digital Art U-tad’s mission is the promotion and boosting relations between academia and the of the company for the development and mutual transmission of knowledge, skills, and experiences both business and academic as well as cooperation in joint technology-based research and development projects or innovation for the industrial developmentbusiness and education.

therefore, and from the hand of large institutions and companies, bet U-tad by investing in innovative education and the development of the talent and skills of the students.

in this environment of collaboration, U-tad, thanks to the sponsorship of leading companies, announces a 40 scholarship programme for students of master for the academic year 2012-2013 programmes.

this ambitious program is summoned with the aim, on the one hand, support and guarantee the quality and excellence of the students and on the other hand, offer equal opportunities to access the different master’s programs of U-tad.

U-excellent Master scholarships programme aims to enhance the academic and professional knowledge of all those students who require institutional support. U-excellent Master scholarships are intended for those students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in U-tad program.

student who meet one of the U-excellent Master scholarship, professional merit, economic situation, and motivation for the development of their professional skills may study for a Masters in U-tad with a grant of 50% on the amount of the teaching of the Master chosen by the student.

a U-excellent Master grant implies recognition by U-tad to the effort, dedication and capacity for work of the student who receives it. This means that the student must be responsible for their exploitation to the institution or company that gives. Therefore, the student must commit itself to obtain good results and maintain an attitude of work and continuous effort throughout the academic year.

U-excellent Master scholarship programme convened a total of 40 scholarships sponsored by:

Illion Animation Studios: producer of creative animation Planet 51, Goya Award for the best animated film.
Pyro Studios: Leading video game developer company.
Zed: Leading multinational company in creation and distribution of applications for phones.

the allocation is 50% of the amount of the teaching of the Master chosen by the student (is excluded, therefore, the reservation).

to apply for a scholarship U-excellent Master is required the candidate to submit the following documentation:

U-excellent Master completed and signed scholarship application.
You may only request scholarship to one of the master’s programs. U-excellent
Handwritten letter that expresses the motivations of the candidate to pursue a master’s degree in U-tad.
CV stating the specific access requirements of the Master for which the candidate sought the scholarship.
Complete income statement for the year 2011 the student if he were obliged to submit it or, Alternatively, certificate certifying exemption from the obligation to present it.
Special attention will be given to those applicants who are in legal unemployment situation. For this purpose, you must present candidate copy of the application for the provision by unemployment.

the candidate may be required to carry out a specific interview in order to gather additional information which allows to decide on their inclusion in the scholarship program.

the deadline for submission of requests ends on 31 August and 7 August via email communication.

specific requirements for access to the U-tad Master programs:

Master in 3D animation of characters: will be very positively valued for the candidate to have experience in 2D and/or 3D animation.

Master in creating Visual effects for film, television and advertising (VFX): requires that the candidate have experience in 3D animation, either having experience in a closely related professional sector (producers, photographers, filmmakers, experts in composition in general and audiovisual-digital professionals).

masters in art and visual design of video games: prior art fundamentals and/or aesthetic knowledge and/or demonstrable experience through artistic, visual and graphic material are required.

master’s degree in Game design: will be very positively valued the candidate possesses knowledge base technical, graphic and production.

Master in game programming: essential the candidate to prove previous knowledge of programming (ideally in C++ because that will be the primary language in which will develop the Master, but in their absence, also shall be appraised Java or other object-oriented programming language). The previous knowledge in mathematics (especially Linear Algebra and geometry) and Physics (especially classical mechanics) are also particularly relevant for this masters.

Master in graphical programming and simulation: knowledge in programming in C++ language and mathematics (Algebra and calculus, to the level of first university degree in science or engineering course) is required.

Master of programming Apps for smartphones and tablets: is required that the candidate has previous knowledge in programming, ideally oriented results (such as “Objective C”) and/or Java skills.

Master in management of companies in the digital environment: University degree and at least 2 years of experience or, failing this, attesting to the candidate of 3 to 5 years of professional experience is required.

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