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40 scholarships Extenda internationalization in foreign trade

Extenda service scholarships of internationalization offers 40 grants for the training and qualification of professionals in foreign trade and in attracting investment of foreign capital to Andalusia.

throughout the process complies with the objectives which establishes the European Union, promoting entrepreneurship and employability, increasing and improving capital human and, on the other hand, companies and collaborating entities may work incorporating human resources specialized in international trade to complete training in the second phase of the scholarship.

Extenda internationalization training scholarships comprise two phases of a maximum duration of 12 months each. The first will take place abroad, or in one of the business promotion Office of Extenda, in an Office for economic and commercial of the Spain embassies abroad, in Spanish Chambers of Commerce abroad or in institutions or agencies associated with the promotion of the internationalization of the business fabric of Andalusia, the attraction of investment or multilateral funding. The second phase will be governed by their own bases and will take place in an Andalusian partner who has a plan of internationalization.

requirements for Extenda scholarships Having been born in Andalusia. Lead registered or registered in Spain at least, the past 12 months at the time of filing of the application. You have any of the following degrees: Bachelor's degree / engineering architecture/higher/graduate, obtained prior to the filing of the application of scholarship. The qualifications obtained in private universities or abroad, provided they are approved by the Ministry of education of the Government of Spain will be accepted. Knowledge comprehensive English language spoken and written, as well as Spanish, in the case of applicants who do not have Spanish nationality and whose mother tongue is different from Spanish. Not been beneficiary or beneficiary of any other similar content assistance or grants of similar characteristics (granted by Governments, chambers of Commerce or other similar bodies).

the deadline for request to participate in the internationalization service Extenda scholarships will be open until May 18, 2012 at 1200 hours.

the established staffing is for the first phase a minimum staffing of 21,000 euros gross more an additional amount, if any, will vary depending on the destination of the Fellowship, and may not exceed the envelope along with the complement of destiny the sum of 38,000 euros gross. For the second phase, 12,000 euros gross, more contribution of the entity in which the intern or fellow to develop the second phase. This contribution shall be fixed in the call of the stage company. In the event that any of the phases is less than 12 months, to receive economic perception be assessed according to the enjoyed months of scholarship.