300 scholarships in the Madrid’s high performance Centre

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Superior Sports Council Announces scholarships for the residence Joaquín Blume which aims to facilitate the training of top-level athletes giving the possibility of having his place of residence in the Centre of high performance in Madrid, where in turn, will have a number of support services (counseling and academic supervision)(, psychological, biomedical, etc.), obtaining facilities closer to the athlete and creating a climate of coexistence among athletes from different sports specialties and training.

meets no more than 300 scholarships distributed in the following way: 200 for domestic residents; 100 scholarships of external, for the period between 12 September 2012 to 31 July 2013.

features of scholarships

scholarship. Includes the following services: accommodation and meals, laundry, cleaning, use regulated facilities sporting and academic (for adult students of that school, and preparation Access cycles, average degree of degree higher technical sports and computer modules), evaluations and controls biomedical and academic advising.

external scholarship. Includes the following services: food (lunch or dinner), and regulated use of sporting and academic facilities (for adult students of that school, and preparing evidence of access to the modules average degree of degree higher technical sports and computing cycles), evaluations and controls biomedical and academic advising.

be beneficiaries Spanish sports federations that will apply for scholarships for Spanish athletes of high competition in his sport, which completed the corresponding requests individually.

collected once the demands of athletes, Spanish federations will be a preselection according to the following criteria:

possibility of competing in the Olympic Games of Rio of Janeiro/2016.
Be included in the ADO program.
Have benefits existing as athletes of high level pursuant to Royal Decree 971/2007, of July 13, on high-level and high-performance athlete.
Be among the first three national ranking absolute of the season or earlier.
Having obtained one of the top three in the Spain Championships of the season or earlier.
Have been part during the last two years of the national team.


be sportsman of federal interest.
Athlete with potential and forward-looking, in his place of residence, with lack of technical means to develop their sporting level.

federations may not submit applications for athletes penalized firm for doping or who have initiated a process for this reason.

federations not may apply for scholarships for athletes under the age of 15 years, except in cases deemed special, that they will be studied by the Commission of awarding scholarships and decide whether to accept requests.

the deadline for submission of applications ends on June 26.

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