200 Mapfre scholarships for unemployed people

Mapfre Foundation made a special call for 200 scholarships aimed at facilitating access to Spain unemployed persons wishing to incorporate e-learning courses of specialization in insurance and management risks conducted by the Security Sciences Institute in the promotion of October 2012.

e-learning courses of specialization (60 hours)

introduction to insurance     The insurance contract     Management of the automobile insurance     Safe Multirriesgos     Life insurance, health and Social Welfare     The bond insurance     The credit insurance     Civil liability insurance     Reinsurance     Accounting for insurance companies     Management of risk and insurance in the company     Management of human resources in insurance companies     Address strategic of insurance entities     Expert technical management of claims for property damage     Insurance technical foundations     Insurance damage and service delivery     Insurance marketing     Introduction to Solvency II

the grant will cover 100% of the registration fee.

the term ends once completed the number of places available, whereas as the deadline of September 15, 2012.

the grant will only obey a chronological criterion of receipt of requests, be considered definitive date of entry that all required documentation is received.

may be beneficiaries of this scholarship for those who prove to be unemployed in Spain at the time of the request, presenting copy of card of demand for employment in force.

will have priority people that they had not requested or enjoyed this scholarship in the previous call for October 2011.

using this modality, the beneficiary may enroll in a single course, at its option, on the next promotion in October 2012.