20 Structuralia OAS International MBA scholarships

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The construction, energy and infrastructure sector is of vital importance for economic and social development as one of the main drivers of the overall productive and economic activity of a country. In a globalized world and in a region requiring every day more competitive and better trained human resources in this area, providing opportunities for human development becomes a highly significant factor.

in this context, the Organization of American States (OAS) and Structuralia, under the partnership programme for education and training, have decided to support outstanding individuals of the Americas through the auspices of a total of 20 academic scholarships to continue their studies through the following program:

MBA International companies of the Sector of infrastructure, which has content on line and face 10 days in Madrid. It develops in October 22, 2012 to 29 July 2013.

OEA‐Structuralia scholarship will cover 50% of the total cost of the program tuition. The costs of maintenance and hosting by 10 days in Madrid for the face-to-face sessions are included in the value of the program to be covered by the student.

OEA‐Structuralia scholarship does not include fees for school services (certificates, certificates), costs of admission tests, costs of airfare for face-to-face classes, costs of books and corresponding study materials, legalization of documents, or any other costs or additional expenses incurred by the student graduation (degree expedition), costs associated with the transfer.

to apply for the scholarship OEA‐Structuralia participants should be admitted to the program of your choice.

deadline to apply for admission to the program is September 15, 2012. The deadline to apply for the scholarship OEA‐Structuralia is 20 September 2012.

Structuralia (www.structuralia.com) form part of Kaplan (www.kaplan.com) leading global provider of educational services. Structuralia is the school of specialized training in the field of engineering, infrastructure and energy. In its 11 year history, they have gone through their different programs more than 500,000 students, being more than 50,000 professionals who have been enrolled in its own highly specialized training programs and senior programs and masters with university degree.Structuralia promotes more than 160 courses that constitute its catalogue of more than 20,000 teaching hours in formats that integrate interactivity, virtual simulation, 3D development and audiovisual content. In the same way, it has a cloister of authors and teachers consisting of more than 430 experts are professionals of the maximum reference in each of the disciplines.

Structuralia promotes their postgraduate courses in collaboration with universities and institutions in each sector (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Polytechnic University of Madrid, ICADE e ICAI‐Universidad Pontifical Comillas, EOI School of Industrial Organization), and collaborates with top experts at national and international level of each discipline to the development of the training contents and tutoring and teaching them.

Structuralia is also a pioneer in incorporating multimedia and interactive methodological tools in their training solutions and currently investigates training projects through mobile phones and television. It currently employs 65 online training centres established with its technology and services.

Structuralia has, at the international level, with presence in Portugal and in Chile delegation. In the same way maintains partnerships with prestigious institutions in major Latin American countries. In Latin America he teaches online over 50 in two editions a year with students in 18 countries.

for his part, the OAS, through its Department of human development, education and culture (DDHEC) supports Member States in creating and executing programmes that promote human development at all levels of education.

the DDHEC highlights the contribution of its Member States ‐ through their various culturas‐ to the economic, social and human development, and supports citizens of the Americas to reach their full potential offering them access to the knowledge and skills through educational training in order to contribute to the improvement of their living standards and those of the communities of the region.

these postgraduate programs are aimed at university graduates with Bachelor’s degree or Bachelor’s degree title: engineers, technical engineers, architects, technical architects, surveyors, building engineers preferably with experience in the area to which postulates.

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