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188 UAEM scholarships in schools incorporated

The Autonomous University of the State of Morelos (UAEM) offers a total of 188 scholarships in the degree programs of schools incorporated into the institution, which provides coverage of the cost of registration and tuition from a 50 and up to 75 per cent.

according to the catalogue of scholarships available in built-in to the UAEM universities, for the 2012-2013 school year there are scholarships in undergraduate degree in physical education, management, law, teaching English, computer science, public accountant, teaching, architecture and nursing.

in the catalog of scholarships listed that the school of physics education of Cuautla has five scholarships for all grades in the Bachelor's degree in physical education; the school of physical education of Cuautla 26 scholarships but only on reinscripciones. The University private from the State of Morelos (UPEM) Cuautla has a scholarship in management and public accountant for all grades and 16 for all grades in law degree.

also in Cuautla, school of studies superiors Stratford in daytime and evening shifts through UAEM 16 offers scholarships for all grades at bachelor's degree in computer science; for re-registration account with three scholarships degree in teaching English, a certified public accountant and administration; two scholarships in the Bachelor of teaching; five law and seven in physical education, the latter for all grades.

in Cuernavaca the private University of the State of Morelos (UPEM) offers two scholarships in management, a certified public accountant and 28 degree in law for all grades.

the American University of Morelos in the Bachelor of architecture has five scholarships for all grades and in only three reinscripciones in physical education.

at the "José Vasconcelos" International University for all grades there is a scholarship for degree in teaching and four for the Bachelor's degree in physical education. Universidad Tecnológica Morelos in Jojutla counts for all grades six scholarships in law degree in public accounting and more in administration.

in the University reform, also of Jojtula, for all grades opens three scholarships for Bachelor's degree in teaching and six for physical education.

University the Yautepec Tlahuica has a scholarship to the law degree in all grades, while the school of nursing "Florence Nightingale" in Cuernavaca are 48 scholarships for all grades in the Bachelor of nursing.

if you meet the requirements stipulated in the bases will have to enter to the website of the University ( July 30 August 7, 2012, for filling request, socio-economic survey and the issue of receipt of payment.

the period for the receipt of documents for processing will be from 1 to 7 August 2012, in Auditorium Cesar Carrizales attached to the Dean Tower, with a 10 to 14 hours.