14th scholarships ALNORTE for exhibition projects

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

ALNorte summons four scholarships support novice exhibition projects, to artists living in Spain, without distinction of origin or limitation of age.

the aim of these grants is to support and promote artistic creation, giving the opportunity to devise, build and perform a solo exhibition.

scholarships include the management of the exhibition space, financial support for the Organization and development of the project, inclusion in the activities planned in the 14th week of contemporary art and its broadcasting media in print, television, social networking and digital media.

the decision of the jury will take into account, primarily, the artistic quality of the projects submitted, his refreshing sense, its theoretical and practical contribution to the current exhibition circuit and its viability.

call for proposals is open and supports any artistic specialty (painting, sculpture, photography, video, printmaking, installation, electronic art, net-art or any other trend of today) being, therefore, equally valid independent disciplines and multi-disciplinary projects.  Artists or artistic groups present a memory roll holder including the following points:

overall budget. Each project will be financed through a financial contribution whose limit is 2,000 euros, which applies the corresponding tax deduction.
Objectives. Historical perspective, approach, methodology, content.
Execution plan. Time of realization, transport and installation, requirements of the exhibition center and other needs of the project.
Supplementary material. The memory shall be attached to the graphic material that is deemed appropriate, admitting paper holder, magnetic or digital.

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