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13 Scholarships from the Chinese Government

The Ministry of education of the People's Republic of China convenes for the academic year 2013-2014, 13 places of the Government grant Chinese according to the Bilateral agreement with the Spanish Government for Spanish citizens. That the applicant be University or possess the title of grade or higher is required.

the petitioners must submit the application and the documents in paper by postal mail to Foundation. The deadline for submitting scholarship applications on April 1, 2013. At the end of July will communicate the granting of scholarships on the web site of the Chinese Embassy. For more information (requirements for applicants, required documentation, provision of scholarship and communication of resolution as well as host Chinese universities), see the website of the scholarship Board of the Ministry of education of China.

the petitioners must first register on the platform of CSC and follow the instructions. The application form is formed automatically online. NO AGENCY code. for applicants from Spain is 7241. After printing the form of filling online application (need print two requests), along with the remains (one original and two copies more) documents is due to Foundation (see the specific address in contact)

- two printed scholarship application forms, duly filled in English or Chinese.

- academic title notarized or certified. If be pursuing university studies, it must present the certificate issued by the Center where these studies. It also requires the certificate issued by the institution where the applicant performs tasks professional if this proceeds.

- qualifications of duly notarized or certified exam (for degree seekers) or other academic records that have ratings of subjects studied (for other applicants).

- Research Plan, drafted in English or Chinese (it asked a minimum of 200 words for applicants of the course of Chinese and degree course, 400 for the course of investigation and 500 for the master's degree course)

- Titles of master's, doctoral or senior research applicants should provide letters of recommendation from two professors or professors, written in English or Chinese.

- The speciality of music applicants must submit a cassette containing the recording of his work; fine arts applicants have to submit photos of six works (two of pencil, two to oil or watercolor, and two other types).

- Underage applicants have to submit documentation of their custody in China.

- photocopy of the form of physical examination stipulated and printed by the Ministry of health of the People's Republic of China (Foreign Physical Examination Form). You can download here. The analysis required in the form must be duly completed and signed by physicians and stamped by health centres where carried out a physical examination. Photography of the applicant, attached to this form, must be stamped with the seal of the Medical Center. The form has a validity of six months for further procedures in China.

- photocopy of the passport in case that has it.

applicants can find information from the universities and Chinese schools that accept foreign scholars on this web page.

in the case of which are carrying out studies of Chinese language or have concluded it, can provide certificates showing of language study or qualification of the HSK Test (not mandatory).

applicants should provide a Curriculum Vitae personal.

beneficiaries of previous calls for scholarships from the Chinese Government, in the case of aspiration to renewal, must provide all the documentation above regulated more a document issued by the Chinese Center certifying approval of extended stay, letter of recommendation and qualifications obtained in China.

the delivered documentation will not be returned to the applicant.