12 scholarships for technical vocational training higher

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The SEPI Foundation, in accordance with the terms of the date July 25, 2012 collaboration agreement with the Spanish company of aeronautical systems, S.A. (hereinafter ceases), announces 12 scholarships for vocational senior technicians, corresponding to the CESA program 2012, (hereinafter program).

the formativo period will have a duration of five months and a half, and develop per semester. The remaining fortnight will be paid to the fellow rest and will be fixed by CESA, notify the student in advance.

the incorporation of scholars is scheduled for October 1, 2012.

scholars incorporated, whatever the cause, at a later date to which is finally established, deducted them the proportional part of staffing that corresponds to the non-developed practical training period.

at the request of stops, the Foundation may extend the duration of the scholarship of the beneficiaries referred to in above, until complete the formative period.

A request of stops, the Foundation scholarships may be extended by a period equal to that laid down in paragraph 1.1. to), in similar conditions of temporal distribution. Therefore, if the Foundation authorize the extension, the total training period would be eleven months.

in case of extension of the grant, the Foundation, at the request of stops, you can establish that the rest periods referred to in paragraphs above, corresponding to the first period and the extension takes effect within 12 months of the start of the first training period.

the training of fellows may carry out installations of stops in Sevilla and Getafe (Madrid).

fellow of the program shall be entitled to obtain the following benefits:

to) to enjoy a period of practical training in CESA.

b) to receive an allocation for the formative period consisting of:

– allocation of 3,900 euros for the entire training period laid down in paragraph 1.1 above. The Foundation shall pay to each beneficiary the monthly amount of 650 euros, or share that corresponds according to the date of incorporation to scholarship, six months after the said date. Notwithstanding, in the event the fellow renounces his fellowship until expiration of its committed training period, so you have right to enjoy such assignment, must have completed a minimum period of one month training. In another case, not entitled to perceive any assignment. This requirement also shall take effect on the additional allocation referred to in the following paragraph.

– scholars who must navigate his habitual residence as a result of a grant, will they increase allocation in 780 euros, paid in monthly installments of 130 euros, or share that corresponds according to the dates of incorporation to the scholarship during the six months following the date laid down.

– accident insurance, which will be signed by the Foundation in its favour.

(c)) to be included in the general system of Social Security, under the terms and conditions established by the applicable legislation. The protective action of Social Security with regard to beneficiaries of the grants will be which is derived from such inclusion in the general system of Social Security, with the sole exclusion of unemployment protection.

who wish to apply for any scholarships integrated in the agenda, and without prejudice to the exceptional situation referred to in the last paragraph of this basis, in relation to the collective of “high level athletes”, shall meet the following requirements:

– be a citizen of the European Union.

– completion of the studies leading to the obtaining of any of the following titles and specialties:

– technician training, made some Spanish teaching facility, or otherwise, have approved the corresponding title by the Ministry of education Spanish, in one of the following specialties:

technician of vocational training in:

in specialty mechanical

maintenance self-propelled vehicle maintenance manufacturing production aeromecanico

maintenance of avionics

electricity and electronics


systems of regulation and control automatic

systems of telecommunication and computer


analysis and control

Electrotechnical installations

– technical maintenance of aircraft.

requests should be made exclusively by filling in the form established for that purpose on the website of the Foundation (www.fundacionsepi.es). Applications submitted through other means will not be accepted.

the deadline for the submission of applications ends on September 3, 2012. This period may be extended, in the case that the jury responsible for the process of selecting deems it necessary, circumstances that occur, if will be communicated through the above website of the Foundation.

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