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This website presents a selection of scholarships for studies, research and practices for short, medium and long term stays. In general, it offers scholarships offered by government authorities, international organizations and private foundations.
And remember, scholarships are investments to help you pay for your educational expenses that never have to be paid back!

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Many foundations only have one term per year. If you did not reach it, then you will have to wait another year to apply for the scholarship.

Instead of sending your curriculum randomly to the most famous and prestigious foundations, you should emphasize certain points of your profile according to the foundation's compliance. Do not hesitate to send several requests. Because if you succeed, the effort will have been worth it.

The best opportunities to obtain a scholarship come from small and unknown foundations. Some foundations even complain that they do not have enough candidates to exhaust their financing volumes.

Very few selection committees assess large-scale applications. Therefore, you should absolutely avoid sending the same request to many foundations. The personalization of your documents does not need to be very excessive.

In any case, you should identify the appropriate contact person who can justify why you are requesting a scholarship in that particular foundation and prioritize the reasons that are of special importance to the foundation.