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Horizontal cooperation – Republic of Chile 2014 scholarships

…rofessionals in master’s degree programs taught by Chilean, accredited higher education institutions with a high level of excellence. scholarship lasts from March 1, 2014 until 29 February 2016. The end of application date ends on January 3, 2014….

Scholarships of Horizontal cooperation Chile – Palestine 2014

…2. Letter of final acceptance of the chosen programme of study, issued by the competent authority of the Chilean higher education institution. This letter must provide proof of unconditional acceptance of the applicant, the date of start of the classes and the duration of the program of study, including the thesis and examination of degree. 3. Compatible health certificate issued and signed by a physician enabled, with indication of pre-exist…

Berliner Künstlerprogramm scholarships

A jury selects annually to about 20 international guests to the Berliner Künstlerprogramm. They are eligible for these artists grants in the fields of literature, cinema and music. In addition to the monthly Scholarship provides an apartment, workspace (Studio) and funds for the projects. the closing date for submitting applications is January 1. Applicants can send: 1. Writers: publications (preferably in German, otherwise, if possible i…

Scholarship for computer science collaboration and new technologies

…a person to the labour market, as qualified professional who enjoys any of the required qualifications. eligible for the grant people who have obtained a degree, Bachelor’s degree, diploma or technical engineering in date prior to October 31, 2013, preferably in the field of computer science and information technology and communications. applicants must be in possession of, as a minimum, level C of the Catalan language. collaboratio…

Communication of the Government of Aragon scholarships

…o meet the following requirements: to) possess Spanish nationality or that of another Member State of the European Union. b) having been born in the autonomous community of Aragon or carry living six months therein to the date of the end of the deadline for submission of applications. c) have obtained a title of degree, or master’s degree under the previous management of university educations, in information science, journalism or Aud…

Grants New Europe College

…00 euros for the transportation, accommodation and food). As an alternative, you can choose to research field in Romania or abroad. is expected that fellows to work on their own projects and participate in scientific events organized by the New Europe College. At the end of his scholarship, expected that each Member will deliver a research paper, which reflects the results of their work during the duration of the scholarship. The documents will…

Executive program in rehabilitation and energy efficiency grants

…tion of the Scholarship Committee remain available funds Fundación EOI and the Ministry of public works will open a call extraordinary during the month of November. This call will be published on the website of EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial….

Scholarship Foundation of the College of physicians of Castellón

…10,000 euros to the program of training and AIDS research – with a maximum of 1000 euros for scholarship-. Interested parties may submit their application to the foundation of the College between February 1 and March 1, date in which ends the call. the granting procedure: to) may qualify for a grant any physician duly qualified in the official College of physicians of Castellón prior to this call. b) fill out the application form….

Scholarship MBA in China and India

…at any University of the higher European education space. the students who, having obtained the University degree abroad, credited the European degree title supplement or the approval of the Ministry of education before the date of the closing of the call for proposals (June 25). students who prove themselves of superior character titles issued in any Spanish University, provided the extension of the curriculum is not less than four years….

Aid projects end of career, practicum and College practices

…oject. the realization of a PPACID is a tool of knowledge and awareness about the reality of the developing countries, both for the beneficiary students and society in general, since, upon return, various activities will be organized to publicize the experience. , The program forms part of the activities that are carried out in the University areas of the community of Castile and León, Spain. Las PPACID may be carried out by students of any o…